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Annual Gay 90's Parade

Having been asked this year to carry the 2017 Miss Coos County and her Court has truly been a blessing as it has gotten us out to more events and there are still more to come. On this particular day, Don & Sherry carried Brittany (Miss CC) and Kiara (Princess in Training)

as Sammie (Princess) had to march with her school band. At the very last minute, the Mayor of Coquille asked if anyone had a seat for her so of-course, I asked Bill to do it. Six of our

cars showed up with 3 of them getting a 2nd place ribbon....good day for them! I was told that some of our club members were there watching the parade, but for some reason didn't want to join us? Do we all need to start showering more? I'll try and find out. :)

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