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Cowboy Dinner Tree




The group left Bunker Hill in Coos Bay right on time. Sandi and Mike Donnelly led the group. They were joined by Janell and Bill Logan, Henry and Linda Johnson, Don and Sherry McCall, and Dave and Cherie O’Donnell. The poker game began! We picked up Mac and Jackie McClure and Dean Morey in Myrtle Point. None of this group actually drove their corvettes—it was the corvette trip that wasn’t. Dave led us to the first rest stop outside Bridge. We were entertained there by a skunk who was wandering around the area. We all were so involved in watching it that we forgot to take photos or videos. Hours later we arrived at Diamond Lake where we ate lunch at the Diamond Lake Lodge. It was a great meal, we were however, dive bombed by the bugs running to the car.

Upon our arrival at The Newberry Best Western in La Pine we met Barb who had traveled from a graduation in Washington. About 40 members of the Mt. Hood Corvette Club were also staying in La Pine on their way to The Cowboy Dinner Tree. At our meal we learned that Janell really LOVES roasted chicken—but she would prefer it a piece at a time from KFC. Barb showed us her skills of climbing around the side of the benches to get around the end of the table! The meal started with salad, followed by cowboy beans and rolls. Then the main course arrived. Barb, Cherie, and Janell had the whole chicken while the rest of us had a 26-32 oz. steak (more like a roast). In poker, first Linda had two A’s, then Jackie countered with two A’s, and finally-at the last minute Bill won with 3-6’s.

Sunday morning started with our group individually and in couples coming to breakfast at the motel. We left ahead of schedule. Our trip was led by Don and Sherry and Henry and Linda. Henry knew a short cut to Highway 58 that skirted the lava beds. Janell and Bill left our group near Cottage Grove. The rest of the crew stopped at Brandenborg Winery. Several members found the perfect bottle to take home. Cherie spoke to the wine pourer who gave us a gift certificate to use at Corvettes on the Bay. At our lunch stop at Harbor Lights we enjoyed lots of laughs, a great meal, and our final poker hand. The winner this time was Mac!!

A great time (and meal) was had by all!

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