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Sawdust Theatre

From the early 1800's until the 1920's, a kind of theater evolved that had never been seen before, neither drama nor comedy, was called "melodrama". A perfect blend of music (melody) and drama.

The performers refer to themselves as Sawdusters, all volunteers, teachers, lawyers, homemakers, merchants, comprise the casts and crews. The pleasure of working together and performing for an audience is payment enough for their time and effort.

An all-consuming fire on July 19, 1994 destroyed the 28-year home of the Sawdust Theatre. Through find-raisers, civic and corporate donations, as well as uncounted professional and volunteer hours, they re-built the beautiful new Sawdust Theatre which re-opened in 2000.

The Sawdust Theatre has been visited by governors, senators, and people from all over the world, and now the Pacific Coast Corvette Club. The Clubs active membership enjoyed participation with Boo’s, Hisses, Ahh’s and lots of laughs. The club was served popcorn and drinks at our seats thru the performance, a great interactive experience at one of the finest and oldest melodrama traditions in the western United States.

Now that the club has attended, we will plan to go back again for next year’s performance! We had a really GREAT time, with dinner afterwards at Denny’s Pizza; which has become our regular spot whenever we visit Coquille.

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