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December Meeting

Decembers meeting started out with a delicious dinner at Ciccarelli's Restaurant in North Bend. This is the month that we give out our donations for the year and as we have done in the past The ARK Project and Southern Oregon Veterans Outreach were our chosen charities. The ARK Project of Coos County received a check for $1000.00 and several bags of new sock and other sundry items for the kids. Many of our members donated personnel hygiene items. SOVO received a check for $2000.00. Public contributions our their only source of revenue and we are happy to be able to help with their great work.

We also elected new officers for 2019. I am still the President and Linda Johnson is still Vice President, Barb Cribb is Secretary, Ernie Vasquez is Treasurer and our new Directors Linda Vasqueaz, Jeannie Blocker and Joe Leito, oh yes we can forget our Sunshine girl Sherry McCall. Looking forward to a fun filled new year. And Thank You to the outgoing board members.

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