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Oct 7th thru the 9th some of us made a trip to Hood River to visit the Western Antique Airplane and Automobile Museum. The drive up was a test of patience getting thru the traffic in Portland and up the gorge.

Some of us made the side trip up to Vista House and down along the old highway.

After arriving safely at our destination, checking into our hotel and taking a short rest we all went to dinner at nice Italian restaurant downtown Hood River. I would eat there again, the food was delicious the service was great and they actually put gin in their gin and tonics, imagine my surprise.

Next morning we all had breakfast at the hotel and headed out to the Museum. I can't begin to tell about everything there. But I would go back again.

We spent a few hours there and then proceeded to lunch at a strange little place on the Fruit Loop. It did not look at all like the their ad on their website, the food was so-so and the service was worse, won't go back. Dinner that night was at a Chinese restaurant, the food was good and the service was fair, probably the fastest this group has ever been served, start to finish less than one hour.

Next morning we all met for breakfast and then headed home, behind Mount Hood and down 97 to Redmond and over to the McKenzie River and into Springfield then home.

Gary and Rose did a fantastic job arranging everything it could not have been better.


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